• Her Festival!

    May 22nd-26th 2024| Rangeley, Maine

    Join me with a fantastic cohort of collaborators this spring in Maine! I’ve been with Her Festival since its inception, and it is a potent gathering created by women for women for us to collaborate, co-create and celebrate our wild, self-luminous nature through the thread of shared experience. This 5 day gathering includes onsite lodging and camping options, is catered with delicious and freshly prepared meals, and allows us to spend 5 days fully immersed in sacred ritual, creativity, beauty, movement, community & the forest. Each of the fabulous presenters you see in the photo brings their unique talents and gifts as we explore feminine principles of leadership and power, our role as women in community, and how to skillfully source greater wholeness, joy and kinship in the world. This year we are back at the barn with accompanying farmhouse!


    An extraordinary gathering of feminine power & leadership

    Her Festival was founded in 2019 as a community of women (she/her, they/them) who come together to restore and celebrate our essential nature – collectively holding brave space for inner healing and transformation in alignment with the seasons and the cycles of the moon. Through shared ritual & experience we honor, nourish, and strengthen in relationship to ourselves, one another, Her Nature and the Elements. We explore feminine principles of leadership and power, our role as women in community, and how to skillfully source greater wholeness, joy and kinship in the world.A waypoint on the path to greater unity, this invitation to gather in May 2024 is open to all who identify as female (she/her, they/them).

    Registration is open!! I would love to share this experience with you 🧡

  • Lake Superior Summer Retreat ~ A Yoga & Nature Immersion

    August 4-9, 2024 | Bayfield, WI @ Wild Rice Retreat

    At summer’s zenith, halfway between the solstice and equinox, we’ll come together and celebrate the fullness of the season with a week of replenishment and inspiration. Set in the lush woods along Lake Superior’s southern shore, we’ll bathe our senses and come alive with yoga & meditation, connection in nature, and the opportunity to welcome rest. Revel in an intentional week of pressing pause, and honoring yoga’s roots as a sacred wisdom tradition in community.

    This wonderful week will take place in Bayfield, WI, home of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore ecosystem. at the Scandanavian haven otherwise known as Wild Rice Retreat

    Fannie and I recognize the felt and sacred charge of this region is due in part to Lake Superior’s indelible presence and also to the longtime stewards of this region known as the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe. They have called this region home for millenia. A portion of received profits will be donated to the tribe to honor them and their part in protecting and shaping this place.

  • Join me and Fannie Hungerford and Amie Heeter for this heart quenching 5 night/6 day yoga & nature retreat nestled along Lake Superior’s shore.  Yoga as a sacred tradition brings us into a deeper connection with life; harmonizing our inner and outer worlds and expanding our sense of self and what gifts we have to offer in this life.  We often find ourselves looking outside of ourselves for our gifts, for fulfillment; and forget the abundant beauty, love and wisdom that already exists within and in the simple surroundings of Nature. At this retreat, with the powerful presence of Lake Superior by our side, we will turn to nature and integrative yoga practices to remember the beauty and bliss that is palpable in ourselves and the natural world. 

    This retreat will include several spokes on the wheel of practice, including movement, breath work, meditation, yoga nidra, self inquiry, and plenty of time to commune with nature. All levels of practitioners are welcome! Let’s swim, bathe our senses in the forest, and rest in the supportive surroundings of this exquisite retreat space. Each day we will offer a creative weaving of practices, free time, and opportunities to explore the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

    Registration is open!

  • The Ocean Lover’s Retreat

    A Spiritual Wellness & Nature Immersion

    Sept 16-22nd, 2024 | Bocas del Toro, Panama

    This retreat is for the ocean lovers! The merpeople we are at heart who find the water to be a kin element. Open to all genders, this retreat is also for those that hold dear the influences of yoga, and relationship to spirit.

    Embark on a week of nature-based replenishment, where overwater bungalows and locally sourced cuisine provide the backdrop to our inspired practices. Nestled in the exclusive embrace of Bocas del Toro, our retreat center is surrounded by a lush rainforest, home to monkeys, sloths, and vibrant tropical life. Our time together will not only celebrate our connection to the ocean but also honor the rich biodiversity that thrives both above and below the water’s surface.

    Steph Chee and I hosted here in the spring of 2023, and we are thrilled to return in partnership with the host center and True Nature Travels.

    Every day of our retreat promises a tapestry of experiences – two group sessions filled with slow-flow yoga, meditation, mantra, yoga nidra, dharma discussions, reflection, and ritual. Our days will be bookended by three freshly prepared delicious meals, and ample free time for rest, optional adventures, and the joy of wandering the shores.

  • Immerse yourself in a truly unique tropical island environment, where the themes of connection, replenishment, and the sacred role of water in ritual will unfold. But that’s not all – we’ve specifically chosen this time of year when the ocean is at its calmest, and the archipelago transforms into a nursery teeming with young, vibrant marine life. The dolphins arrive to birth their babies, and the whales sharks

    Bocas del Toro is not just a backdrop; it’s a living, breathing sanctuary. As one of the most significant sea turtle nesting grounds in Panama, it hosts thousands of hawksbill and leatherback turtles. In September, under the light of the full moon, we’ll witness the magic of nesting, spawning, or hatching sea turtles on an uninhabited island. And yes, you have the opportunity to help these precious beings from the beach to the reef.

    What our guests had to say about our 2023 retreat at this location:

    “Magical! Nurturing! The opportunity of a lifetime! My experience on a retreat with Amie and Steph in Panama was and still is too profound to put into words. Amie & Stephanie flow and teach together gracefully. They brought forth a sense of community, practice, and joy. The memories and teachings I learned will stay with me forever. I cannot be more grateful for the opportunity I had to experience Panama with them. “ –Caroline

    “The experience crafted by Amie and Steph is simply extraordinary. They orchestrated details which were customizable to each attendee to create their own adventure while simultaneously being held in an intimate community. A flexible and adaptive adventure, complete with monkeys, sloths, snorkeling, local culture, chocolate, and a deep grounding in yogic teachings to reveal one’s true nature in a gorgeous setting away from email, traffic and laundry.” – Leela