I firmly believe we all have the capacity to live a life that is meaningful, rich with connection, and that we can greatly support our health and vitality at the same time.

 I love working with people, helping them connect with themselves and their relationships through the pathways of movement, breath work, meditation, yoga nidra, and self inquiry/understanding. With clear intention, a supportive practice, and consistency  – we engage with these tools to shift our self limiting, and often unconscious patterning. With trust and accountability, we unlock our freedom, become more effective in our efforts, less bogged down in our challenges, and embody our potential.

 Weekly Practice Offerings in Person and Online Summer 2024 / See Classes & Courses Page for Complete Info

All Times are CST:

☀️ Mon Gentle Flow 6-7:15pm in person @ Perennial Yoga Garver in Madison, WI

☀️ Tues  3 Week Yoga Nidrahhh Mini Series Series 6:00-7:15pm Jul 2-16th online or in person at Bohemian Oasis tiered pricing/ you choose $54, $66, 0r $75

☀️ Wed Gentle Flow 9-10:15am in person @Perennial Yoga Garver in Madison, WI

☀️ Thurs Gentle Flow 9-10:15am in person @Perennial Yoga Garver in Madison, WI

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  • View my TEDx Talk

    I was honored to be one of five presenters taking the virtual stage at Madison College to share our stories. I spoke about the power of pressing pause and the year long travel my family took we entitled “The Radical Sabbatical; The Power of Pressing Pause.” Check out the talk here:


  • The Ocean Lover’s Retreat!

    A Spiritual Wellness and Nature Immersion

    Sept 16-22nd in Bocas del Toro, Panama

    Join me & Steph Chee for a 6 night/ 7 day all inclusive retreat in Panama this September. This retreat is for the ocean lovers! The merpeople we are at heart who find the water to be a kin element. Open to all genders, this retreat is also for those that hold dear the influences of yoga, and relationship to spirit.

    Embark on a week of nature-based replenishment, where overwater bungalows and locally sourced cuisine provide the backdrop to our inspired practices. Nestled in the exclusive embrace of Bocas del Toro, our retreat center is surrounded by a lush rainforest, home to monkeys, sloths, and vibrant tropical life.

    Our time together will not only celebrate our connection to the ocean but also honor the rich biodiversity that thrives both above and below the water’s surface.This isn’t just a retreat; it’s a sacred journey  of self-discovery, a harmonious dance with the elements, and an exploration of the cultural legacy of this stunning region. Having hosted this magical experience for the first time in the spring of 2023, we are beyond thrilled to once again partner with True Nature and our host center for another week of unparalleled beauty and peace in Bocas del Toro.






  • Save $200 July 1-8th with code SUMMER200

    Bocas del Toro is not just a backdrop; it’s a living, breathing sanctuary. As one of the most significant sea turtle nesting grounds in Panama, it hosts thousands of hawksbill and leatherback turtles. In September, under the light of the full moon, we’ll witness the magic of nesting, spawning, or hatching sea turtles on an uninhabited island. And yes, you have the opportunity to help these precious beings from the beach to the reef. Immerse yourself in a truly unique tropical island environment, where the themes of connection, replenishment, and the sacred role of water in ritual will unfold. We’ve specifically chosen this time of year when the ocean is at its calmest, and the archipelago transforms into a nursery teeming with young, vibrant marine life.

“The answer to having a better life is not about getting a better life. It’s just about changing how we see the one we have right now.”

— Angel Kyodo Williams