I firmly believe we all have the capacity to live a life that is meaningful, authentic, rich with connection, and that we can greatly support our health and vitality at the same time.

Yoga and meditation are incredibly supportive, and can be catered to meet the needs of the individual. I love working with people, helping them reconnect with themselves through the pathways of movement, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and/or self inquiry. With clear knowledge, a supportive practice, consistency, and the tools to shift our self limiting and often automatic patterning, we unlock our freedom, become more effective in our efforts, less bogged down in our challenges, and embody our potential.

Adv. Yoga Studies Course~The Sun Tier

the Study of PRANA,
Effective Energy Management,
and Ayurveda

12 Week Course begins Feb 22nd @ Main Street Yoga

In this in depth series we study  PRANA- loosely translated as “life force”- and why it is a key factor towards developing supreme health and vitality in addition to being a primary pathway of Tantric Hatha Yoga to harness inner connection and outer fulfillment. Consider investing in yourself and your love of yoga with a course that will kickstart your year in the direction of reclaiming your radiance, luster, and creative power!

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  • Spring Yoga & Meditation Retreat

    March 27-29th @ The Christine Center in Willard, WI

    Retreats are an invitation to dive deep, intentionally, into a place that supports the opportunity to see inside and listen.  An opportunity that nourishes us, and can sustain us for the months ahead as we engage with our work, relations, and life in the everyday.


    April 8-21st, 2020

    Craving a bigger adventure? Join myself and Samia Shalabi next spring for an unforgettable sojourn into the heart of Morocco. This journey is experienced in four chapters, from the sought after artistic city of Marrakesh, to hiking in the Atlas mountains, to the mystical golden sands of the Sahara, and ending on the coast in the quaint and beautiful town of Essaouria.

  • “Marrakesh, Mountains, & More”

“The answer to having a better life is not about getting a better life. It’s just about changing how we see the one we have right now.”

— Angel Kyodo Williams